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Discover Dive Base Coiba Guest Photos and book your next dive trip to capture your own amazing underwater shots. Coiba offers incredible photo opportunities. Dive in and reserve your spot now!

Dive Base Coiba guests are truly exceptional!

Our guests are more than visitors; they become friends and part of our Diving family. We rely on their support and couldn’t operate without them. We love seeing their photos and want to showcase them here. Send us your pictures (1mb max) and tag us on Instagram and Facebook to share your experience.

Help us spread the word about the incredible time you had diving with us!

Coiba Underwater World

Unleash your underwater photography skills in Coiba! With clear and warm waters year-round, Coiba is a photographer’s dream. Check back for new captivating images.

Dive in and capture Coiba’s breathtaking beauty!


Discover the magic of Coiba, where thrilling adventures unfold. Dive deep into Coiba’s vivid underwater world, brimming with stunning corals and crystal-clear waters. Watch these captivating Coiba diving videos and join us in Pixvae, where your dive buddy eagerly awaits your arrival.

Experience the wonders for yourself and dive into the extraordinary with Dive Base Coiba.

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